Moving House Checklist


Moving house can be quite a daunting task and sometimes it is hard to know where to start. We have made this checklist to remove all the guesswork and give you a detailed list to follow that will get you and your family ready for the moving day.


6 Weeks Prior to Move:

  • Have a thorough clean out – Don’t forget the shed in the back that hardly gets used and the side of the house can often get missed.
  • Start to limit the amount of food that is being brought into the home, try eating as much that is currently in the pantry and freezer as this makes moving a lot easier. Creating a meal plan is a great way to make sure all your perishables get eaten in-time.
  • Always check if the larger items will fit in the new house, it’s amazing the amount of times that a fridge is a couple of millimetres of fitting in the cavity. This is a problem that is best dealt with before moving into the new house.
  • Start to keep track of incoming mail so that you don’t forget anything that needs to be redirected.
  • If you are packing, start to plan how and where to get your packing materials from.
  • Arrange for the transfer of your utilities. It is always best to arrange this earlier as sometimes in busy periods it is hard to get certain utilities connected on time.
  • Organise any home repairs if necessary

4 Weeks prior to move:

  • If you are renting, notice should be given to your landlord.
  • Finalise and lock in your moving date and settlement times if relevant with your removalist.
  • Check with your employer and arrange to have the moving day off and any other time that you may need to successfully complete your removal
  • Let your removalists know if you have any precious or speciality items that you would like to be handled with extra care and arrange the necessary packing materials.
  • Arrange insurance for your items in case of loss or damage during transit.
  • Advise your banks where you have accounts
  • Provide your change of address to your local council, insurance companies, accountant, stores where you have accounts and clubs.

7 Days to go:

  • Notify the Post Office regarding redirection of your mail.
  • Advise the electoral office
  • Advise the taxation office
  • Advise the relevant authorities for change of address on your licence and car registration
  • Insure that electricity, gas and any other service is scheduled for connection in your new home for the move in day.

5 Days to go:

  • Make a list of essential items you will need for moving day.
  • If moving out of town make sure to collect any items such as dry cleaning, lay buys or anything that is getting repaired by a third party/.
  • Return Library books or videos that have been hired. Even if you are only moving locally it is best to return as in the frenzy of packing things can become hard to find.
  • Cancel any ongoing deliveries that you have at your current home, e.g milk, papers, magazines.

3 Days to go:

  • Cancel any regular services such as lawn mowing
  • Check with the manufacturer or your washing machine as sometimes it needs to be bolted down for transport.
  • Do final clear out of garage and any outdoor areas
  • Dispose of flammables correctly as these are items that cannot be transported.
  • Drain all fuel from lawn mower, whipper-snipper and any other machinery that has fuel or oil.
  • Prepare any bulky items which are being moved such as trampolines, kids play equipment, garden furniture, swings or anything else that is not essential for the next few days.

Day before move:

  • Make sure gas, electricity and water meters have been read
  • If moving to storage, defrost fridge and freezer. Clean and try interior to prevent mould accumulating over time
  • Begin dismantling or disconnecting any items of furniture that are no longer need. Washing machines and beds are the most common.

Moving Day:

    • Don’t worry! You are probably well organised, even though it may seem otherwise.
    • Carry all valuables and important papers with you
    • Make sure all taps are turned off
    • Check gas, electrical switches and lights
    • Lock doors and windows and collect all keys
    • Check and double check that nothing has been left behind

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