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Let’s Make Your Interstate Removal Easy and Completely Worry Free!

An interstate removal is a huge undertaking and understanding all the ingredients to plan for it is very important.

There’s so many things to consider and the timing of every step in the move is critical to avoid any unnecessary issues. Forgetting one little thing can mean major challenges when you get to your new home and try to move in.

You need a reliable and professional team who understands the full process, and all the very important details.

At lease one major challenge of your move can taken care of and that’s choosing the right removalist company.

You’ll Need Our Free ‘Moving Checklist’

Interstate Removals Checklist

To plan for everything involved in relocating your home, you can simply take advantage of our complementary Moving Checklist.

Click to instantly access and open it, then save it to your computer for printing or to refer to in the coming weeks.

The next big questions to answer in regards to your move are…

  • Will you source your own boxes to pack everything?
  • If you need conveniently sized boxes you can get them directly from our Box Shop for very low prices
  • Fragile items? They’need good padding. Our Box Shop can help you out there too
  • What items will you take with you in the car when traveling? A list of essential items is important (and don’t forget toys for the kids!)
  • What will you need for yourself during the move? A change of clothes, work items, laptops etc.
  • How long will you be without essential items that are packed before you can access them?

The Moving Checklist will help with a lot of these types of preparation items.

What You Need to Look for in a Removal Company

With any service industry there can be “cowboys” – true professionals and others in-between.

Something that The Removals Group prides itself on, with a strong focus is honesty and integrity.

Integrity to us means not just ‘doing the right thing‘ but to do exactly what you are told in conversations and given in details in writing in the Quotation.

Gold Coast Removals Team

Integrity as the highest focus began with Des Payne who started out in the removal industry in 1989, before Ben, his son, purchased the business to make it his own, to carry on the family values.

With over 30 years of experience, with a fantastic reputation seen on Google Reviews, you can be certain you’re in good, safe, reliable hands with The Removals Group for all your moving needs.

When you look for a removal company, check how many years of operation the business has.

Check the Removal Company is Registered with AFRA

Also make sure they are AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) members, with the log displayed on their website.

You can check that any company is AFRA yourself, which is recommend you do.

Here’s The Removals Group listing on the AFRA site.


AFRA is your peace of mind insurance they are guaranteed “safe” for moving as the AFRA standards of service are very high for businesses to be eligible to join the association.

Every employee of The Removals Group is AFRA trained and certified, not only Ben — The Removals Group owner.

When you receive a quotation from any removal company, just check every important detail of the discussion you have is included such as AFRA association membership.

That way you won’t be caught out by “hidden extras” that occasionally is heard about in our industry.

Damage-free Guarantee!

You’ll be pleased to know The Removals Group is one of only a few removals companies that offer a Damage-free Guarantee – in writing with your quotation.

Interstate Removalist Gold Coast

That’s definitely something you’ll want for your peace of mind with your move.

No-Hassle Packing Service

To ensure your items are damage-free you can take advantage of our pre-packing/unpacking service.

All your valuables and fragile items can be padded, boxed, sealed and marked to safely be transported and then unpacked in your new home.

That completely takes any concerns away as your items will be in the hands of trained professionals, every step of the way.

Find out more about our pre-packing and unpacking service.

30+ Years with Over 19,867 Happy Customers

That’s how many home owners have been happy with their move thanks to The Removals Group team in our 30 years of operation.

You can trust The Removals Group thanks to our good old fashion, family values of honesty, reliability and integrity.

Interstate relocation happy customer

When you call to talk, you’ll be greeted by a friendly, helpful professional that you can ask any questions and receive an answer immediately.

You can book a quotation time at any time that suits you and then expect us to arrive on-time for it.

You’ll be listened to and advised on all aspects of the move, not ‘pushed’ in any direction so however you want to be moved, from packing yourself to using our packing services, the choice will be yours.

After the quotation discussion, you’ll be given our proposal in writing by email so you can access it anywhere at anytime conveniently. Everything discussed about your move that’s important for your peace of mind will be included in it.

By all means compare our written quotes with anyone else and you’ll appreciate the detail our company goes to in order to ensure your happiness with the whole moving experience.

Find out more about our company history, which is fully disclosed on our About us page.

Need to Store Some of Your Furniture or Household Items?

Modular Storage Gold Coast

If you are unable to move into your next home straight away and need to store your possessions for a day, week or months you’ll enjoy our completely flexible storage solution service.

Very few companies offer such flexible time frames. Many want you to “lock-in” or have minimum storage times of months, not one or 7 days.

With our eco-friendly modular timber storage units stored safely in our own Burleigh Heads warehouse, you’ll have no concerns the safety and securing of your furniture or valuable items.

There’s no limitation on how much you want to store either. It can be one box or as many as you like or need. You can also decide at any time how long you still want your items stored and can access them within one day.

With Decades of Relocation Experience, The Removals Group are the Gold Coast’s Most Trusted Removalists

Local and interstate removals trucks

To experience complete peace of mind with your move, to be in the hands of true professionals with a 30 year great reputation, you’ve found that with The Removals Group.

Contact us today to get started with friendly, helpful service call the number below or contact us to organise a time for an on-time quote in your home.

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