Everything You Need for a Successful Move

With decades of experience in the removalist industry, our Gold Coast team can provide the great service you want and answer any questions you may have about moving.

See below for some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your query, contact our friendly team.

What do I do with my clothes?

We ask that you pack your clothes into either boxes or bags. Empty suitcases can be quite handy to transport your clothes. As for hanging clothes, all our trucks carry port-a-robes which can accommodate all your hanging clothes wrinkle free. We offer this service FREE as we know no-one likes ironing.

What items are you not allowed to transport?

We are not permitted to transport anything that is flammable such as gas bottles, fuel, aerosols and liquids such as methylated spirits. We also don’t allow materials that are poisonous, toxic or corrosive. Feel free to ask our staff for more specific requests.

Where can I get boxes and packing materials from?

We have a fully stocked box shop here you can get everything you need including boxes, packing paper, tape, mattress covers and bubble wrap. Feel free to check out what we offer on our Box Shop page.

Do you need to find a removalist that is a member of AFRA?

Yes, if you are moving with a company that is not a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association then you are at risk. All AFRA members have gone through a rigorous audit process and must meet AFRA’s high standards. It is also mandatory that all staff have gone through police checks and had the necessary training to move your goods effectively.

How do I prepare my fridge for moving?

You are best to empty and clean your fridge before moving. If your goods are going into storage, then it is a good idea to give it a thorough clean as this helps prevent mould from taking over your fridge while in storage.

What happens if my furniture is damaged or broken?

If it can be proved that the removalist was negligent while transporting your goods and did not use due care, you may be able to request that they repair the damage. There is a real possibility that your goods could be damaged in transit that is completely out of the control of the removalists. Furniture is rarely designed to be moved and transported around in a truck and even with the utmost of care items can get damaged. Please have a look at our (INSURANCE page) where we offer insurance that covers you for these sorts of things.

Do you dismantle and reassemble furniture items such as beds?

Yes, we do. Our trucks are equipped with enough tools to dismantle almost anything.

If I run out of time are you able to help pack on moving day?

Of course, we can help, please let our staff know and we can arrange some assistance with packing.

Can you help with packing, so we don’t have to do it all ourselves?

Absolutely, our pre-packing and unpacking service is one of our popular options. Just ask about it when you call or during the quotation.

Can you move pianos?

Yes and our business has been moving pianos for over 30 years.

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